As leaders in the moving and storage industry for a combined 40 years, we at SPEEDePACK noticed the industry trending towards more DIY (do it yourself) options. In addition, we were looking for a more efficient and cost-effective way to pack and move household belongings across town. One day we were introduced to plastic moving totes to use for our office and commercial moves. Once we saw how efficient and cost effective the moving totes were for our office and commercial customers, we immediately found the answer to our question about moving household goods across town. Thus SPEEDePACK was born.

SPEEDePACK is a complete packing system that replaces the need of cardboard boxes. In addition to our custom SPEEDePACK totes you will also receive a custom dolly, laundry bags, plastic wardrobe cartons, and an electronic/picture frame cart. Each component of the SPEEDePACK system ensures the most cost effective and efficient move possible. Gone are the days of scouring the grocery, liquor, and warehouse stores for cardboard boxes, cramming them in your car, taping them up, and finally lifting each and every box in and out of a moving van. With a simple online order you can have SPEEDePACK deliver a complete packing system to ensure you the best move possible. Once you are done, SPEEDePACK will come and pick up the equipment-saving you time and money.

Compare the SPEEDePACK system to U-Haul's moving package pricing, and add in the fact you don't have to worry about disposing of the used boxes, and you will find there is no comparison to SPEEDePACK.

"SPEEDePACK just makes sense. You're helping the environment while you're helping yourself! I have a few collections I was nervous about moving, but they fit perfectly in SPEEDePACK's durable, lightweight green totes. And the wardrobe cartons? A mover's dream come true! I'd recommend SPEEDePACK to anyone, especially pack-rats like me." -Sheri, Lehi UT
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